A Group of Talented Volunteers Promoting Free Educational Software

PCs4KIDS is a not-for-profit organization* offering a unique mix of free educational software contents through a children-friendly software interface developed by PCs4KIDS volunteers. The distribution of this easy-to-install software targets children worldwide from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and is done by means of:

  • Free-of-charge online download on PCs4KIDS.org
  • Installation on up-cycled computers donated to children with limited internet or lackluster educational resources

Footnote: *officially registered not-for-profit organization in Netherlands and Germany

  • PCs4KIDS is driven by 150+ volunteers in more than 35 countries striving to spread this educational content to kids worldwide.
  • PCs4KIDS was a proud Nominee of the 2012 Online Volunteering award from United Nations Volunteering (UNV)

To date, PCs4KIDS free educational software has been downloaded over 1,000 times, along with over 100 computers donated to children worldwide.

We are “on the ground” with our PCs4KIDS Donation Plan in Azerbaijan, Germany, Turkey & Holland where we collect PCs and laptops to donate them to underprivileged kids at orphanages, schools, hospitals, refugee settlements as well as families in need.

Map of PCs4KIDS Volunteers Worldwide