Building a Software Interface to Host Free Educational Software Contents

We have created an amazing children-friendly software interface filled with a package of free educational software contents for children from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

The software contents consist of hundreds of books, games, informative websites and videos in English. The package is growing day by day and available FREE of charge on our website. The package is distributed to underprivileged kids without access to internet through our PCs4KIDS Donation Plan.

PCs4KIDS Donation Plan

By partnering with corporations, we help to up-cycle old computers installed with our educational software package and donate them to schools, orphanages and underprivileged families. PCs4KIDS Donation Plan augments access to high-quality educational software contents for children while helping the environment along the way by re-using deemed useless resources (old PCs).

If your company wants to participate in our Donation Plan please go to our “Get Involved/Corporations section to learn more about how to contribute with our cause.