Your Role in Making a Difference

Help PCs4KIDS create a broader access to free education

In today’s complex world, children’s futures are partly determined by their ability to master the basics of reading, science, math and computers. Yet costs, internet access, class sizes and other issues often prevent children access to quality learning that can support and reinforce these essential skills.

Teach with Technology to Improve Learning Experience

Teachers can use PCs4KIDS software package as a tool for fun teaching. Parents can use it for sharing learning experience with their children. The package allows for an e-learning experience for children that requires no parental intervention or teacher’s guidance.

By simply downloading PCsKIDS free educational software, any teachers or parents in the world can enhance the learning experience of their kids and students and increase their chances of better education.

Benefits for Teachers and Parents

  • Download PCs4KIDS software on their personal computers and share it with their students/ children.
  • Encourage their kids and students to use it as home practice and for homework.
  • Download PCs4KIDS software onto a USB stick and take it to schools or underprivileged areas that don’t have access to internet.

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