What’s Inside Our Software?

Educational Contents Hand-picked by Our Team

PBS Learning Media in PCs4KIDS Software Interface

Our volunteers put a lot of effort in reviewing/hand-picking high-quality educational contents that are free, certified, virus-free and legal for public sharing and can be re-distributed. These educational contents represent the end benefit of our organization – educating youth globally.

We want to thank the creators of these educational games, books, and videos for allowing such rich and carefully developed contents to be available to all kids globally. Here are some highlights of our educational package:

All our content is deliberately in English in order to develop children’s English skills at an early age. Download now!

How Does It Work?

PCs4KIDS Software Installed on an Old Computer

PCsKIDS software interface is custom made, children-friendly, easy-to-use and unbreakable, which means even children without much prior experience of using a computer can navigate to whatever contents they are interested in.

For parents, this also means that:

  • Children can be given full autonomy in browsing digital contents without parental intervention.
  • No risk of getting children exposed to inappropriate contents, since we painstakingly review and hand-pick all the contents.

Our software consist of 2 parts: an Operating System and an Interactive Desktop. Download now and install easily.

Operating System

The operating system is a version of Linux (Debian Wheezy) which enables very old computers to be re-used. “Very old” means more or less up to 15 year old, which is when the Pentium 4 was introduced! We tweaked things a little to make it even better/faster.

If you have an old, but working computer, you can educate yourself! Simply install our software package. We did a test with a Pentium-3 with 128 MB RAM and it worked! And if you don’t have a computer, ask around, because old computers usually get thrown away.

Interactive Desktop

The Desktop is custom-made by a small dedicated team of volunteer programmers who made all contents easily available through clickable icons. The icons are categorized by age so that young kids are not offered things that they can’t understand or which require skills that they do not possess yet. On the other hand, older kids might be interested in playing simple games or watch “simple” movies, which is why the size of our software package is larger for older kids.

PCs4KIDS Software Interface