PCs4KIDS & Your Corporate Social Responsibility

PCs4KIDS Helps Corporate Donors to Recycle Used Computers

Through the PCs4KIDs Donation Plan, we partner with corporations that are looking to make business donations and/or recycle their old computers. Corporations can donate used computers as old as 15 years, and PCs4KIDS collaborates with the refurbishment which includes cleaning the asset files, erasing all the data on the hard drive and installing PCs4KIDS software.

Note that PCs4KIDS local team will aid in the refurbishment of the computers but the collection and distribution of the donated computers to the recipient must be led by the donor.

Spread the Word about Your CSR Campaigns with PCs4KIDS

PCs4KIDS Marketing Team Helps Corporate Donors With Their CSR Campaigns

The PCs4KIDS Marketing team is made of volunteers who are experienced professionals of PR, communication and online marketing and who will work with corporate donors to construct and promote public communication about their benefactions, through PCs4KIDS social networks as well as other online/offline channels of communication.

For this reason, your contribution will bring positive impacts not only on education for children but also on your CSR objectives.Get in touch with us and let the world know your action.

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